Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kinda-Lies-A-Lot Should Eat Her "Smoking Gun"!

Kinda-Lies-A-Lot Rice was The Dubster's Main Woman in Foggy Bottom and she was one of the chief shills who sold the Big Lie that took us into our disastrous Iraqi misadventure. Kudos to the people of conscience at Rutgers University for driving Kinda-Lies-A-Lot off the 2014 Rutgers commencement program. Brickbats to the lamebrains at Rutgers who invited this war criminal to speak at the 2014 commencement ceremony. Rice is a pariah: when she left the Bush administration, her former academic department at Stanford University — the Department of Political Science — threatened to revolt against her presence in their midst. To save face, Stanford moved her appointment to the Stanford Graduate School of Business as a professor of political economy and director of its Global Center for Business and the Economy. Kinda-Lies-A-Lot has nary a degree in business administration or economics, but the bizad folks at Stanford aren't as picky as its political science snobs. Full disclosure: Kinda-Lies-A-Lot holds degrees from the same sorry institution that graduated this blogger. If this is a (fair & balanced) disclosure of institutional chicanery, so be it.

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Condoleezza Rice Withdraws As Rutgers Commencement Speaker
By The Deadline Poet (Calvin Trillin)

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We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.”
—Condoleezza Rice, in 2003, on why we had to invade Iraq

That quote stood out—the truly catchy one
Within the bunkum that the White House spun.
It’s made her someone many want to shun.
Her smoking gun is now her smoking gun. Ω

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