Monday, June 05, 2017

Tom Tomorrow (Dan Perkins) Soon Will Have A Problem — Removing His Tongue From His Cheek

In addition to today's 'toon, Tom Tomorrow's (Dan Perkins') e-mail con tained this message:

If there’s a journalist or commentator that you think should have been included in the League of Fake News Purveyors, don’t worry — their meeting room is actually quite large, and the person you’re thinking of is undoubtedly just out of the frame.

Also, it’s apparently bad form to do this yourself, but if any of you are active Wikipedians and/or would be interested in updating my wildly out-of-date Wikipedia entry, I’d be grateful. Maybe someone will have already done it by the time you read this, but there’s a (long) list of errors and omissions here.

Until next week...

Dan (aka Tom)

This blogger recognized some of the TV news personalities, but because the blogger NEVER watches TV news of any sort — some of the identities of some members of the League of Fake News Purveyors escape this blogger. Wolf Blitzer (CNN) is left front and Chuck Todd (NBC) is right front. The dude in the middle is unknown to the blogger. In the second row are Chris Matthews (MSNBC) at the left and Rachel Maddos (MSNBC) at the right. At the back of the group are a blonde women (Aren't they all?) and a bearded dude in a hat (Is this a joke within a joke?). If this is (fair & balanced) tongue-in-cheekery, so be it.

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