Friday, August 15, 2014

Meet The Fatherless Creeps Who Put The Con In Neocon

The devious neocons are retelling the Iraq War narrative to shift blame for the $1T (choke, trillion) catastrophe and the deaths of nearly 4,500 U.S. soldiers and countless disabled walking wounded — and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis — onto the POTUS 44. That dog won't hunt for The Deadline Poet and it won't hunt for this blogger either. If this is (fair & balanced) rejection of revisionism, so be it.

[The Nation]
Radical Jihadists Gain Ground In Iraq
By The Deadline Poet (Calvin Trillin)

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All the neocons said we must conquer Iraq;
It could harbor a terrorist crew.
So invade it we did, and because of that fact,
What they made up has really come true. Ω

[Calvin Trillin began his career as a writer for Time magazine. Since July 2, 1990, as a columnist at The Nation, Trillin has written his weekly "Deadline Poet" column: humorous poems about current events. Trillin has written considerably more pieces for The Nation than any other single person. A native of Kansas City, MO, Trillin received his BA from Yale College in 1957. He served in the army, and then joined Time.]

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