Monday, August 04, 2014

The Gender Conundrum Comes To "Pearls Before Swine"

Sniff. There is no Tom Tomorrow today. No explanation anywhere. However, there's another drama a'building in the funny papers. See the entire series of 'toons in the series (thus far) — here. Dr. Google tells us that a rat gestation period is 21-23 days (and rarely to 26), Rat's "pregnancy" will last the month of August. Of course, Rat's "pregnancy" is outside the realm of normal. The latest ultrasound episode does not stay within the bounds of normalcy. If this is (fair & balanced) cartoonism, so be it.

[x Pearls Before Swine]
A Plot Twist Begins (July 28, 2014)
By Stephan Pastis

[x Pearls Before Swine]
The Ultrasound (August 4, 2014)
By Stephan Pastis

[Stephan Pastis is a native of San Marino, CA and attended the University of California at Berkeley, earning a B.A. in Political Science in 1989, followed by a J.D. from the UCLA School of Law. From 1993-2002, Pastis worked as a litigation attorney in the San Francisco Bay area. At this time he also tried to fulfill his childhood ambition of becoming a syndicated cartoonist by submitting different concepts to syndication agencies. "The Infirm," "Rat," and "Bradbury Road" were rejected, but "Pearls Before Swine" was accepted by United Features in 1999. It started publication on December 31, 2001, and Pastis left his day job in August 2002. His latest collection of Pearls 'toons is Pearls Falls Fast: A Pearls Before Swine Treasury (2014).]

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