Monday, October 27, 2014

Roll Over, Tom Tomorrow — Our Worst Current Health Crisis Is Dumbo/Moron Asininity

A pair of epidemics that Tom Tomorrow missed disgnosing were Dumbo 4-Axe-Handle-Dumbassitude and Moron Bottomless Stupidity. If you ask "How dumb are the Dumbos/Morons?" this blogger would respond: "How high is up?" or "How long is a piece of string?" Now, we have the spectacle of Governor Andrew Coma (D-NY) impersonating Governor Heavy-Jumbo (R-NJ) with a xenophobic quarantine policy toward airline arrivals from Ebola Ground Zero in West Africa without any evidence of infection. If is is a (fair & balanced) red badge of stupidity, so be it.

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Other Dangerous Epidemics
By Tom Tomorrow

Tom Tomorrow/Dan Perkins

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