Monday, July 31, 2017

Nearing The End Of The Rope Yet?

Along with today's 'toon, Tom/Dan included this message:

Hey all,

A rundown of another crazy week. Contrary to popular belief, the cartoons really don’t write themselves these days. In reality, they usually end up taking twice as much time, as I keep rewriting throughout the week (and sometimes through the weekend) trying desperately to keep up with the constantly shifting madness of the Trump administration. There’s “plenty of material,” as readers frequently comment, but it’s like asking for a glass of water and instead being blasted in the face with a fire hose.

My trip to Ireland last week went well, though it was much too short. I flew into Dublin and spent a day there, since I’d never had a chance to see that city before. Walked all around during the day, and hung out that night with a writer for the Irish Times named Patrick Freyne, who had interviewed me a few weeks previously.

Due to some not-ideal scheduling on the part of my festival minders, the two hour trip from Dublin to Galway ended up taking most of the next day, so I kind of lost what I had set aside as a “free day” in Galway. The weather was pretty bad that day anyway — I ventured out without an umbrella that evening, got turned around in the meandering medieval streets and ultimately ended up wandering around in a pouring rain trying to find my hotel. Not my finest hour.

Things turned around the next day. It was a beautiful sunny day (a rarity, the locals assured me), and there were performances and art all over town. My own talk, moderated by an Irish actor and comedian named Dierdre O’Kane, went very well, and then I spent the rest of the day enjoying the sights of Galway and the arts festival. (I’m featured in this short video about the importance of the creative arts, which appears to have been entirely filmed on that same Saturday.) And then the next day it was back to the Dublin airport. As I say, it was a whirlwind trip, and in retrospect I wish I’d had an extra day or two. But I had important cartoons to write back in America, because after all if I do not point out that Trump is an idiot — who will? I mean, except for everyone else.

Until next time!

Dan (aka Tom)

Again, Tom/Dan speaks truth to idiocy in the Oval Office. Another note from the Department of Be Very Afraid occurred when the highest ranking officer in the nuclear attack chain of command was asked this week: "Would you launch a nuclear attack on China, for example, if you received a properly coded message from the President?" The answer was a chilling single word: "Yes." We are deep doo-doo and don't forget to thank your nearest idiot voter for this mess. If this is (fair & balanced) anxiety, so be it.

Very Normal: A Look Back At The Week That Was
By Tom Tomorrow (Dan Perkins)

Tom Tomorrow/Dan Perkins

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