Monday, May 22, 2017

Watergate & Russiagate Illustrate The Truism That History Doesn't Repeat Itself, But It Does Provide A Monotonous Background Hum

Tom Tomorrow (Dan Perkins) betrayed a smidgen of crap-fatigue in the e-mail that accompanied today's 'toon that focused on the parallels between Watergate (1970s monochromatic panels) and Russiagate (2017 full color panels) in the e-mail accompanying today's 'toon, Tom (Dan) wrote:

Some weeks, I just don't have much more to add. More next time, hopefully!

Dan (aka Tom)

Like Tom (Dan), this blogger is rotten sick of the entire melodrama playing out in DC. Spirits were not lifted with the so-called presidential address delivered yesterday to the assembled heads of state in the Middle East. The orator, reading off the teleprompter screen, sounded like a 4th grader speaking to his class. Yawn. And there you have it, dear reader. If this is (fair & balanced) political ennui, so be it.

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Tom Tomorrow/Dan Perkins

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