Monday, June 12, 2017

If Only The Next-To-Last Panel In Today's "This Modern World" 'Toon Would Happen In Real Life — Soon!

As is the usual case, Tom Tomorrow (Dan Perkins) included a message with today's 'toon via e-mail to this blogger's In Box:

Another week in the ongoing crapshow of the Trump administration. This one’s basically about the Comey testimony, without directly referencing Comey — partly because sometimes the writing process takes you in directions you don’t expect, and partly because the week was backloaded due to testimony *and* I had some major dental work done on Friday. Frankly I was happy to get *anything* done that day.

As you’ve probably heard, Adam West just passed away. I’m a lifelong fan of the 1966 "Batman" show — when I was 4 or 5, living in a lower-middle-class midcentury housing tract in Iowa City, Iowa, I was secretly convinced that he was actually our next door neighbor, and commuted from Eastern Iowa to Hollywood to film his show. I understood on some level that it would painfully embarassing [sic] if I was wrong, so I never worked up the courage to ask anyone about it though. I was never one of those little kids who believe the characters on TV are real, but I guess this was my version of it.

More to the point, I think the deadpan sensibility of the show had a profound impact on my own writing and approach to humor.

He’ll always be the one true Batman to me. And he drove the coolest Batmobile! This point is not debatable.

RIP, old chum.

Dan (aka Tom)

Like Tom Tomorrow, this blogger had major dental work last week. A 50-year-old filling in my upper left molar has been replaced by a temporary crown — to be replaced by a permanent crown in three weeks. The blogger is trying to defend Tom's (Dan's) embarassing [sic] misspelling in his message. Hell, at least he didn't key "covfefe" instead of "coverage" like some idiot recently tweeted. Tom (Dan) gets a pass. The idiot doesn't. If this is a (fair & balanced) double-standard, so be it.

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The Incontrovertible Evidence
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