Friday, March 19, 2010

Follow The (Virtual) Bouncing Ball (Or Else?!?)

VERSUS parodies are written by Marcy Shaffer, whose professional writing experience includes television, film, lyrics, verse and… musical parody. VERSUS is co-produced by Russ Meyer, a private equity veteran whose industry expertise includes financial services as well as entertainment. Shaffer is an attorney-cum-parodist (Roll over Stephan Pastis!) and her partner, Russ Meyer, received his MBA from Stanford University. Shaffer writes the words and Meyer counts the beans.

Marcy Shaffer

In this blogger's childhood in a small mining town in the West, he would leave the cave on Saturday afternoons for the matinee at the LaFay Theater. Mr. and Mrs. Houser owned the theater and were known to us as Ol' Man and Ol' Lady Howser. Mr. Howser doubled as the elementary school principal. Ol' Man Howser had lost his left arm and had only a (superhuman, we believed) right arm. Woe to the schoolboy who got sent to the principal's office. Schoolyard rumor had it that Ol' Man Howser kept a length of rubber hose in his desk drawer and used it (with his superhuman right arm) to beat the misbehavor unmercifully. Every Saturday afternoon, one of the first features Ol' Man Howser would run would be a musical short with the lyrics and a bouncing ball on the screen. (Karaoke was still on the musical side hill, eating grapes, in postwar Japan.) Fearing a visit to Ol' Man Howser's office on Monday, we sang at the tops of our lungs as we followed the bouncing ball on the screen. If this is (fair & balanced) fear of rubber-hose beatings, so be it.

[x YouTube/VersusPlus Channel]
"The Party's Over-Ture"
EconoParody Medley By Marcy Shaffer

In non-alpha-order:

AND NOW, A WORD FROM THE ECONOMY HERSELF, a musical parody of the Fekaris/Perren song "I Will Survive"

GO TELL IT IN ACCOUNTIN', a musical parody of the traditional song "Go Tell It On The Mountain"

THAT ROSE, FANNIE MAE, a musical parody of the Seal song "Kiss From A Rose"

THE CINDERS OF AYN RAND, a musical parody of the Smith/Bernard song "Winter Wonderland"

DEPRESSING (FEELS LIKE HOOVER), a musical parody of the Paul Simon song "The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)"

WHERE CREDIT IS DUE, a musical parody of the Crewe/Nolan song "Lady Marmalade"

CRASH DANCE, a musical parody of the Forsey/Cara/Moroder song "Flashdance... What A Feeling" Ω

[Lead Vocals
Janis Liebhart
Gary Stockdale

Background Vocals
Scottie Haskell
Angie Jarée
Janis Liebhart
Gary Stockdale

Music Director
Greg Hilfman]

℗ © 2007-2009 RMSWorks

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