Wednesday, June 02, 2010

We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us... Wankers?

A wanker is defined in the Urban Dictionary as

Wanker —
1. a contemptable person; jerk.
2. a male masturbator.

As the world goes to hell (or wherever) in a handbasket, most of us engage in denial that amounts to mental masturbation. For eample, The BFI (Big F-word [of your choice] Idiot) did his mental masturbatory shtik for his mentally masturbating Dittoheads (listeners) and proclaimed that the Sierra Club was responsible for the Gulf Oil Spill! The BFI and his knuckle-dragging Dittoheads are wankers! However, Tom Tomorrow has it right: we are all wankers as we sit and watch Week Six of the global disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. If this is (fair & balanced) condemnation of us all, so be it.

[x Salon]
"This Modern World — The Wankiest Generation"
By Tom Tomorrow (Dan Perkins)

Click on image to enlarge. Ω

Tom Tomorrow/Dan Perkins

Dan Perkins is an editorial cartoonist better known by the pen name "Tom Tomorrow". His weekly comic strip, "This Modern World," which comments on current events from a strong liberal perspective, appears regularly in approximately 150 papers across the U.S., as well as on Salon and Working for Change. The strip debuted in 1990 in SF Weekly.

Perkins, a long time resident of Brooklyn, New York, currently lives in Connecticut. He received the Robert F. Kennedy Award for Excellence in Journalism in both 1998 and 2002.

When he is not working on projects related to his comic strip, Perkins writes a daily political weblog, also entitled "This Modern World," which he began in December 2001.]

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