Saturday, September 11, 2010

Warning: Before Viewing These Images Start Running Your Shower So The Water Will Be Warm!

John Sherffius of the Boulder Fishwrap is one of our best editorial cartoonists. In observance of 9/11, Sherffius offers his take on the 9th anniversary of the attacks. Sherffius misses one additional point. He needed to insert a green dollar-sign ($) for the "s" in his drawing.

[x Boulder Fishwrap]
By John Sherffius

[John Sherffius began drawing editorial cartoons for the Daily Bruin, the campus newspaper at UCLA. After two years of working as a freelance artist, after graduation, he was hired by the Ventura County Star in Southern California as a graphic artist and gradually worked his way into editorial cartooning for the paper. In 1998, he was hired by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as the newspaper's editorial cartoonist, a job he held until 2003 when he quit the paper over editorial differences. Sherffius bridled at editorial insistence that he tone down cartoons attacking Republicans. Sherffius then went to work for the Boulder Daily Camera where his cartoons appear regularly and are syndicated nationally by the Copley News Service. Sherffius won the 2008 Herblock Prize for Editorial Cartooning.]

Copyright © 2010 John Sherffius/Boulder Daily Camera

Now, we overturn the rock and view the underside of the Land O'The Free and the Home O'The Stupid. Instead of "Got Milk?" today's Teabagger slogan is "Got Hate?" If this is (fair & balanced) sleaze, so be it.

[x Salon]
Islamophobic Products For Mom, Dad And The Kids... (And Fido)
BY Emma Mustich

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Florida pastor Terry Jones may have called off his fringe church's planned 9/11 Quran burning (or maybe not!), but he's still in the business of selling Islamophobia. After noticing the sinister range of "Islam Is of the Devil"-themed products available on Jones' websites — mugs and T-shirts, mainly — we decided to look further afield to see how many similar products are available elsewhere online. It turns out you can assemble a frighteningly complete wardrobe -- for yourself, your baby and even your dog -- through sites such as Zazzle and CafePress, which stock user-created merchandise. [A t-shirt, a coffee-mug, a window sticker, a tank top, an undergarment, a bib, an infant t-shirt, an alternative window sticker, a cap for pointy-heads, and — a pet-coat for Fido!]


[Emma Mustich is a News Editor for Varsity — Cambridge University’s independent student newspaper.]

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