Friday, December 03, 2010

WOT This Way May Come?

A few days ago, this blog posted two (2) stories (here and here) from the NY Fishwrap about a sleazeball online merchant named Vitaly Borker of Brooklyn, NY. The latter post prompted two readers to each offer a comment about the dangers of doing business with online merchants. Of this two comments, the first offered a helpful suggestion to all of us poor little lambs on the Internet: WOT — Web of Trust — that can be added to your browser to warn a little lamb about doing business with a wolf (like Vitaly Borker). If this is (fair & balanced) wolf-watching, so be it.

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Re: "Google Kicks Vitaly Borker Where It Hurts!" (12/02/10)


Anonymous said...
I thought the article in the Times was a good piece of reporting. There is one more defense that consumers can implement, I'm sure there are several add-ons that share the same basic concept, but I use an add on which is available for most browsers called Web of Trust (WOT), it is opearted by consumer ratings and will give you a noticeable warning when you head to a poorly rated site.

After reading the article I typed in the decormyeyes url and it was blocked by WOT with a clear warning and a choice of "Get me out of here", or "proceed".

With all of the cons and poor business practices taking place on the internet it is best to have a multi-layer protection system in place.

5:52 PMΩ

WOT download site here.
Anonymous #2 said...

In the IT world it is highly believed that all Google did was move some (a few 100) of these links down the list by hand. Might Google does not know how to fix this one...yet!!

9:37 AM

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