Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Nothin' like a little Agro-American music to set your toes to tappin'. Marcy Shaffer has throwed in with some good ol' boys and produced herself a country protest song! One of the greatest, Bob Wills, called to his band's steel guitarist, "Take it away, Leon!" (Leon McAuliffe was one of Bob Will's original band members.) And so, today, it's "Take it away, Curtis!" If this is (fair & balanced) C&W message music, so be it.

[x Versus]
By Curtis Threadneedle
[Lyrics by Curtis Threadneedle, Marcy Shaffer, and Merle Hazard)


Two Triple-A's, one Double-A Plus
Our debt is rated thus
The guys who bet on abacus
Won't double down on us

America’s financial wow
Once grand and so secure
Seems fairly less substantial now
We’re standard, and we’re poor

The president said, wait, S&P!
Your model's got a glitch
Before you make a mess for me,
Ask Moody's or ask Fitch

But S&P refused to dance
Said: No!
Your risk'll show
That in finance, you're worse than France
You blow at fiscal flow

(Stated, Dated, Debated)
They made it formal, here in overtime
(Fated, 2008-ed)
On this new normal, we're the new sub-prime

The nerve of rating agencies,
Now pointing at our trap
For I recall their majesties
Anointing so much crap

Then Fannie's choke and Lehman's croak
Left us with this distress
But the USA ain’t like those folk
We own the printing press!

(Stated, Dated, Debated)
They made it formal, here in overtime
(Fated, 2008-ed)
On this new normal, we're the new sub-prime

Split-rated! Ω

[Main Vocals: Curtis Threadneedle
Guitar: Wolf Jackson
Mandolin: Frances Cunningham

Arrangement: Merle Hazard

Special Thanks To: Greg Hilfman and Ami Kuan Danoff]

℗ © 2011 Threadneedle, Shaffer & Hazard

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