Friday, November 02, 2012

Today, This Blog Is Chillin' With Trillin!!!

The first Dumbo (in this blogger's memory) who thought he was witty about rape was Clayton Williams of Midland, Texas. Claytie was runnin' for governor against Ann Richards when he was asked about rape and replied: "...Rape is like bad weather — If it's inevitable, just relax and enjoy it." Ann Richards kicked Claytie's stupid ass in 1990. Now, more than two decades have passed and Calvin Trillin introduces the Three Dumbo Stooges of 2012: Todd Akin (R-MO), Joe Walsh (R-SC), and Richard Mourdock (R-IN). All have advanced some of the dumbest statements about rape in the bottomless history of Dumbo stupidity. Bottom line: how can you tell that a Dumbo/Teabagger is dumber than dirt? His/her lips are movin'. If this is a (fair & balanced) diagnosis of brainlessness, so be it.

[x The Nation]
Three Republican Candidates Discourse On The Subject of Rape
By Calvin Trillin

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Legitimate rape, so we’re told by Todd Akin,
Will not produce children but simply awaken
Defensive biology. That quickly locks
The system all down, just as safe as Fort Knox.

Joe Walsh says exceptions for “life of the mother”
Are phony exceptions, just like all the other
Exceptions suggested. Walsh says it’s all jive,
Since doctors can always keep momma alive.

Now Mourdock says rapists’ seed must be defended.
A pity, he says, but it’s what God intended.
This absolute stance to which Mourdock still cleaves
Just happens to be what Paul Ryan believes.

The Rape Science Three can provide more reminders
That now Mitt’s got wingnuts in all of those binders. Ω

[Calvin Trillin began his career as a writer for Time magazine. Since July 2, 1990, as a columnist at The Nation, Trillin has written his weekly "Deadline Poet" column: humorous poems about current events. Trillin has written considerably more pieces for The Nation than any other single person. A native of Kansas City, MO, Trillin received his BA from Yale College in 1957. He served in the army, and then joined Time.]

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