Friday, December 21, 2012

Today, Poetic Justice For A Pair O' Dumbo A+S2(Holes)

Kinda Lies A Lot Rice belongs in a federal penitentiary as a war criminal instead of prancing around the Stanford campus in her Prada stilettos. Poor Susan Rice incurred The Geezer's (R-AZ) wrath in the 2008 election when she pointed to The Geezer's fatal lack of foreign policy cred. Of course, The Geezer's helpmate in the U.S. Senate, Lindsey Graham-Cracker (R-SC), added his yapping to the Benghazi chorus. This pair of Dumbo attack dogs can only yap endlessly and accomplish N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Today, this blog's poet-in-residence, Calvin Trillin, shows us that the yapping dogs in the U.S. Senate are exactly that — yapping A+S2(Holes). The two fools probably high-fived one another after Ambassador (to the UN) Susan Rice withdrew her name from consideration to succeed The Hillster at State. If this is a (fair balanced) further display of A+S2(Holedom), so be it.

[x The Nation]
Qualifications To Be Secretary Of State, According To Senators John McCain And Lindsey Graham
By Calvin Trillin

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Though Condoleezza Rice had once avowed
The smoking gun might be a mushroom cloud
And thus invasion simply couldn’t wait,
She was considered qualified for State.

Reciting talking points on Sunday shows
This year was quite sufficient to foreclose
The chance that Susan Rice would ever lead
At State—so Graham and McCain agreed.

The senators, when left to their devices
Make use of different rules for different Rices. Ω

[Calvin Trillin began his career as a writer for Time magazine. Since July 2, 1990, as a columnist at The Nation, Trillin has written his weekly "Deadline Poet" column: humorous poems about current events. Trillin has written considerably more pieces for The Nation than any other single person. A native of Kansas City, MO, Trillin received his BA from Yale College in 1957. He served in the army, and then joined Time.]

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