Saturday, April 05, 2014

C,mon, BigBoy — Listen To Your Inner Jimmy Buffett: Man Up & Admit It's Your Own Damn Fault!

Jimmy Buffett and this blogger went to different schools together; they are joined at the hip by the Star and Crescent. Buffett's anthem to college and post-college slackerdom is "Margaritaville" in which he disclaims that his malaise is not some woman's fault, but the fault belongs with him. Let the good times roll. Governor BigBoy (R-NJ) hired a NY law firm to discover that Bridgegate was the fault of a woman: Governor BigBoy's aide, Bridget Kelly. She — prior to Bridgegate — was in a relationship with Bill Stepien, Governor BigBoy's political advisor. BigBoy, for all of that good Stepien-advice, had supported the appointment of his pal to become the Dumbo party chairman of the Garden State. In the fallout of Bridgegate, BigBoy withdrew his support of Stepien. Stepien, then ended his relationship with Bridget Kelly, but didn't gain the Dumbo party chair. Thereafter, BigBoy's lawyers attributed -Bridgegate- Bridgetgate(?) to the fact that Kelly had become unhinged over the loss of Stepien and the fact that her former boyfriend had thrown her under the George Washington Bridge. What does this have to do with Jimmy Buffett (you are probably asking)? In "Margaritaville," Buffett sings about his funk: "...Some people claim that there's a woman to blame/ And I know it's my own damn fault." If this is (fair & balanced) Bridgetgate-advice for Governor BigBoy, so be it.

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By The Deadline Poet (Calvin Trillin)

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Kelly and Stepien became personally involved, although, by early August 2013, their personal relationship had cooled, apparently at Stepien’s choice.
—From the Bridgegate report by Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher

We know now why those access lanes were closed.
Yes, those of us who had no notion’ll
Be pleased that Christie’s lawyers solved the case:
A jilted female got emotional. Ω

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