Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Key To Dumbo Presidential Strategery: Do The Same Thing Again And Again Because The Result Will Be Different Every Time

The Deadline Poet is bemused by the early stirring among the Dumbos who would be POTUS 45 in 2016. 2-Buck Huck is snarling about the First Family because the adolescent daughters are allowed to listen to or watch BeyoncĂ© perform songs with lyrics that emphasize female sexualtiy. Of course, 2-Buck Huck performed in a duet with Ted Nugent on one of Nugent's hits — "Cat Scratch Fever" (1977) — an anthem to pedophilia (adolescent groupies). In addition to 2-Buck Huck, Big Love has flipped his flops and recanted on his pledge to stay at home(s) in 2016. Even the human form of foamy fecal matter, Santorum, has indicated that he will try to corner the market in sanctmony again in 2016. The Deadline Poet even claims to hear rumbles that ladykiller Herman Cain might grope his way back in 2016. The Hermanator might gain an endorsement from Bill Cosby — predator to predator. If this is the (fair & balanced) demonstration of Hazelden Foundation's definition of insanity, so be it.

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Runnabee Reunion
By The Deadline Poet (Calvin Trillin)

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So Huckabee may run, and so may Mitt.
And Rick Santorum has expressed disdain
For rivals who could take the cuckoo vote.
Who’s at the door? Could that be Herman Cain? Ω

[Calvin Trillin began his career as a writer for Time magazine. Since July 2, 1990, as a columnist at The Nation, Trillin has written his weekly "Deadline Poet" column: humorous poems about current events. Trillin has written considerably more pieces for The Nation than any other single person. A native of Kansas City, MO, Trillin received his BA from Yale College in 1957. He served in the army, and then joined Time.]

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