Friday, February 13, 2015

Would A Vote For Rand Paul Be A Surefire Symptom Of A "Profound Mental Disorder"?

Today, The Deadline Poet tees off on Randal H. (Rand) Paul, the jackleg opthamologist who is the Junior U.S. Senator from Kentucky. Yesterday's blog post about the current anti-science fever burning through this country introduced readers to a University of Texas PhD (chemistry) who has not yet met an anti-science conspiracy theory that she doesn't like. Well, it's even better today: meet a Duke University MD who is an avowed anti-vaxxer. This Senator/MD is described as a "doofus" by The Deadline Poet. A doofus a day keeps good sense away. If this is (fair & balanced) quack-epidemiology, so be it.

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Libertarian Medicine From Rand Paul, MD
By The Deadline Poet (Calvin Trillin)

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Senator Rand Paul, a doctor, says the measles vaccine can cause “profound mental disorders.”
—News reports

On vaccines, Paul says that what should be conceded
Is state-imposed treatment leaves freedom impeded.
One hopes parents know, lest this doofus be heeded,
A second opinion in this case is needed. Ω

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