Tuesday, September 15, 2015

There Was A Circus In KY & The Trumpster Completely Missed It

The Trump mania was rivaled by the story out of Morehead, KY where Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis was jailed over her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex applicants in defiance of the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges (2015). After a few days in the slammer, Davis was released and appeared with The Huckster to the joy of True Believers. Senator C (for Crackpot) Cruz attempted to join in the celebration, but The Huckster's security team of Baptist deacons forced Cruz off the stage, If this is (fair & balanced) comic opera, so be it.

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Kim Davis
By The Deadline Poet (Calvin Trillin)

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The Rowan County clerk, Kim Davis,
Believes that Jesus came to save us,
And her beliefs she would betray
OK’ing marriage that is gay.
The judge said, when he heard her tale,
Just do it, quit, or go to jail.
When she said no, he didn’t blink:
He tossed Kim Davis in the clink.
Ted Cruz and others now suggest
That Christians find themselves oppressed
For heeding a divine authority.
Poor Christians—an oppressed majority. Ω

[Calvin Trillin began his career as a writer for Time magazine. Since July 2, 1990, as a columnist at The Nation, Trillin has written his weekly "Deadline Poet" column: humorous poems about current events. Trillin has written considerably more pieces for The Nation than any other single person. A native of Kansas City, MO, Trillin received his BA from Yale College in 1957. He served in the army, and then joined Time.]

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