Monday, February 20, 2017

Sorry, Tom (Dan), It's The New Abnormal Now

With the e-mail that brought today's TMW 'toon, Tom Tomorrow (Dan Perkins) wrote:

As usual in the new normal, staying ahead of the news cycle is an almost impossible task. Daily journalists can barely keep up, let alone weekly cartoonists. Even a cartoon like this, which doesn't really reference any specific event, risks rapid obsolescence — just by virtue of the fact that it features several members of the Trump administration, any one of whom could resign, be fired, or end up in jail by the end of next week. This level of turmoil is unsustainable, and not just for media types (aka "Enemies of the American People"). I'm not sure how this fever breaks, but I sure hope it happens soon.

Until next week ...

Tom (aka Dan)

The mania rolls on: insane appointments, a Donny-One-Note issuance of Executive Orders, and non-stop campaigning despite the fact that the electoral season ended on November 9, 2016. "Hey kids, there's an empty airport hanger! Let's have a Rally! We are witnessing acute a$$holery in the Oval Office. If this is a (fair & balanced) depiction of abnormality, so be it.

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The New Normal
By Tom Tomorrow (Dan Perkins)

Tom Tomorrow/Dan Perkins

[Dan Perkins is an editorial cartoonist better known by the pen name "Tom Tomorrow." His weekly comic strip, "This Modern World," which comments on current events from a strong liberal perspective, appears regularly in approximately 150 papers across the U.S., as well as on Daily Kos. The strip debuted in 1990 in SF Weekly. Perkins, a long time resident of Brooklyn, New York, currently lives in Connecticut. He received the Robert F. Kennedy Award for Excellence in Journalism in both 1998 and 2002. When he is not working on projects related to his comic strip, Perkins writes a daily political blog, also entitled "This Modern World," which he began in December 2001. More recently, Dan Perkins, pen name Tom Tomorrow, was named the winner of the 2013 Herblock Prize for editorial cartooning. Even more recently, Dan Perkins was a runner-up for the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning.]

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