Monday, April 10, 2017

Today, We Are Taken On Another Flight Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Within the e-mail that brought today's Tomorrow 'toon to this blogger's In Box, Tom Tomorrow (Dan Perkins) also wrote:

This is turning into a familiar story, but I had a cartoon finished and ready to file when I looked at the tv and saw that we were launching missiles at Syria. You all know how much I love rapid-response cartooning (not much), but this felt too significant to ignore, so I spent Friday and Saturday cranking out this one. I’m going to let it speak for itself. As for the extra toon — it’s generic enough that I’m hoping to be able to use it in a couple weeks when I go to Los Angeles for the LA Times Book Festival (details here, for those of you in the neighborhood). If for some reason it never gets used, I’ll certainly share it with all of you.

My birthday was last week (56 years young — how did *that* happen?), but we’re celebrating it today, so I’m going to make this a short note … and will *try* to take a break from the news. If Trump starts a nuclear war, the cartoon will just have to wait til next week!

Until then,

Dan (aka Tom)

So, the spasmodic launch of 59(?) Tomahawk Cruise Missiles (at a cost of $90M in a strike on a Syrian airbase by Il Douche accompanied by a lachrymose announcement about the fate of innocent babies and children in the Syrian government's use of Sarin gas with a chlorine chaser in an airstrike on a civilians in Khan Sheikhoun in rebel-held Idlib province. It was reported that the airbase was fully operational the day following the US missile attack. Of course, it is always possible that Il Douche was attempting to deflect the focus away from Russian connections to Il Douche's 2016 campaign and administration (using the term loosely). The 'toon ends appropriately in the 9th panel as Il Douche is distracted by a squirrel outside the window. If this is (fair & balanced) proof that the son-of-the-beach is certifiably nuts, so be it.

[x TMW]
Forever War
By Tom Tomorrow

Tom Tomorrow/Dan Perkins

[Dan Perkins is an editorial cartoonist better known by the pen name "Tom Tomorrow." His weekly comic strip, "This Modern World," which comments on current events from a strong liberal perspective, appears regularly in approximately 150 papers across the U.S., as well as on Daily Kos. The strip debuted in 1990 in SF Weekly. Perkins, a long time resident of Brooklyn, New York, currently lives in Connecticut. He received the Robert F. Kennedy Award for Excellence in Journalism in both 1998 and 2002. When he is not working on projects related to his comic strip, Perkins writes a daily political blog, also entitled "This Modern World," which he began in December 2001. More recently, Dan Perkins, pen name Tom Tomorrow, was named the winner of the 2013 Herblock Prize for editorial cartooning. Even more recently, Dan Perkins was a runner-up for the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning.]

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