Monday, October 30, 2017

If You Do More Than Glance At Today's Blog-Post, You Will Have Learned A New Word

In the e-mail that brought today's toon to this blogger's In Box, Tom/Dan wrote:

Hey all,

Just another week in the dysfunctional country with the manifestly unfit leader. The second panel references an interview with Jeff Flake, who was being celebrated, mid-week, as a newly-minted Hero of the Resistance for denouncing Trump in a speech. The interviewer asked if he thought Trump should be impeached, and Flake backpedaled so quickly you could almost see the whiplash setting in: no, he said, Trump won fair and square, and we shouldn’t think about things like removing him from office. We should just … denounce him in speeches, I guess. I know that there’s an argument to be made that we need to welcome everyone on board this anti-Trump train on which most of us are traveling these days, but honestly if someone literally has the power to help remove him from office but thinks that a speech is enough, well, I have a problem with that. There’s too much at stake right now, like the literal survival of our democracy in any remotely recognizable form.

News dropped Friday that there’s an indictment coming tomorrow in the Mueller investigation, and Trump is predictably melting down on Twitter. Speaking of meltdowns, Roger Stone went off the deep end (I know, how can you even tell when Roger Stone is off the deep end?) attacking CNN anchors and was actually banned from Twitter.

In personal news, I’m back from Iowa and the big talk at the Englert Theatre, which was a totally fabulous experience. And the local paper featured me on the front page as a local boy made good. Many thanks to Matt Steele and Little Village, the Englert staff and management, and to Prairie Lights for helping sell some books afterwards. I also got to spend some time with some family members I hadn’t seen in a long while, so it was a good visit all around. I was a little reluctant to agree to this one — I knew I’d be just getting back into the work routine after the Italy trip and I wasn’t thrilled about yet another disruption — but it was definitely worth it.

Until next week,
Dan (aka Tom)

In his note, Dan/Tom raised a tantalizing possibility that Paul Manafort and his business partner would roll over and offer evidence about the actual shenanigans involving the Moron's campaign and the Russians (public and private) in 2015-2016. If only.... If this is a (fair & balanced) step toward criminal charges against the Moron and his minions, so be it.

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